Project 1 | Moretivation -> Personal Portfolio

Moretivation, Tyler's first venture, was launched to create and encourage inspirational content with hopes of building a deeply connected community that helps individuals realize their motivational potential. Tyler's writing was published by Thrive Global and then later presented on the Moretivation blog. 


Moretivation has now morphed into Tyler's personal portfolio and he continues to write motivational articles. Tyler has been inspired to write on personal growth after researching the lack of purpose in high school students, which he pitched on during the Changemaker Challenge at North Central College in 2018. 

Currently, Tyler writes and publishes articles focusing on personal growth, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Project 2 | Birt Strength Systems - Director of Research & Business Development
Birt Strength Systems launched its website in May of 2019 and Tyler joined shortly after. He has focused on compiling data, scheduling demo sessions, and helping the firm successfully launch the product. 
Tyler's time with Birt Strength Systems ended at the beginning of 2020 as he prepared for steps following his undergraduate studies. 

Project 3 - Current | SLAB Outdoors - Founder 
Tyler started working on an outdoor product idea in early 2019 and has taken steps toward building a unique outdoor product venture. SLAB Outdoors will be launched in 2020 and this will consist of a few innovative outdoor products. Updates can be found at SLAB Outdoors. This process will be updated as it evolves! For more information, please email
Project 4 - Current | Havenshine Technologies 
Tyler started contract work with Havenshine Technologies, a startup in the Chicagoland area, in March of 2020. His responsibilities include helping organize projects, building customer relationships, developing a strategy for the business, and other creative activities.