• Tyler Jones

The Balanced & The Paranoid

Lately, I’ve been assessing those that I surround myself with and have noticed a trend. The individuals I spend time with and/or prefer to work alongside are either incredibly balanced in the various areas of their lives or incredibly paranoid about reaching certain objectives. I rarely see these both exist in someone, although a few people come to mind.

Personally, I’ve been attempting to balance work & leisure, as the quarantine periods have increased the amount of time that I work. So, I tend to gravitate towards those that work hard and enjoy themselves quite frequently. On the other hand, I struggle with the “entrepreneurial paranoia” that individuals face when building something and I love to hear about what others are desperately trying to make work.

One of these traits is found in nearly everyone that I’m spending time with at this given time and I’ve begun to view this as a spectrum. In my opinion, the people making massive strides find themselves somewhere in the middle of balanced & paranoid. You could also think of it as organized and overly determined.

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