• Tyler Jones

The Adversity of 2020

Part of the reason that I’m forcing myself to write every morning is because of the lessons that I’ve learned throughout the bizarre year of 2020. Throughout these past nine months, I’ve graduated college, started working remotely for a startup in Chicago, quickly changed my plans for 2020-2021, started SLAB Outdoors in the middle of the pandemic, got engaged to my best friend, & started an MBA program. There’s a lot of positive in these events, but it’s been an emotional year for everyone, and I’ve been attempting to think through the good that may come from this year.

I’m currently enrolled in a Global Business course that is heavily focused on how our world works together and the implications of our global decisions moving forward. A recent point that the professor made recently was that a fair share of our world has transitioned from a mindset of survival to self-expression since WWII. In other words, we don’t have to worry about surviving and it’s simply expected. Although this correlates with a higher quality of life, I think learning to collectively deal with adversity can add an element of toughness to humans. Survival is much more relevant this year as people are sick, quarantined, and working through the pandemic. It’s unchartered territory and, although it’s an incredibly difficult time, I think we will someday benefit from the adversity.

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