• Tyler Jones

Startup Journaling Process

The best advice I had while starting Slab Outdoors came from Professor Chawla at North Central College. As I started to build plans to launch the company and set a design for the Slab 1.0, Chawla demanded that I journal each week. At first, it sounded a bit odd to set aside time to journal, but I followed his instructions and recorded the events that occurred. The journal now consists of 50 pages that document exciting times, obstacles, & everything in between.

The past few months, I’ve become very poor at keeping up with this but that’s partly because Slab requires more attention. I used to journal once or twice a week and now I’m summarizing events every few weeks. Both strategies have been incredibly helpful.

As I think about the entire process of journaling and weigh the benefits, I am becoming more & more interested in creating content around the journey of Slab. The process has been far from easy and there’s no doubt that people could benefit from an organized explanation of the roadmap.

I’ll write on this more in the future.

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