• Tyler Jones

Scrape Off Your Boots

I recently started the book, Greenlights, by Matthew McConaughey & am incredibly wrapped up in the book. I elected to listen to the audiobook version as I have been driving a lot lately and highly recommend it. In the introduction of the book, McConaughey is explaining why he wrote Greenlights & the quote below stuck with me.

“I'm not perfect; no, I step in shit all the time and recognize it when I do. I've just learned how to scrape it off my boots and carry on.”

We all make mistakes, face obstacles, have bad days, wake up feeling less than 100%, & the list goes on. Life doesn't pause when we find a rough patch. It soars forward.

Those that recognize when they make a mistake and make adjustments without letting it bother them too much oftentimes live happier lives & impact others.

2020 was a long, hard year and I'm sure we're all glad to welcome 2021. Scrape off your boots and carry on!

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