• Tyler Jones

Pay Attention to Those Who Take Chances on You

Last week, I was offered a position with a company in Indianapolis (Lessonly) that I have had my sights on. My circumstances are a little different right now as I obtain my MBA & utilize my fifth year of eligibility as an athlete at North Central College. I’ve also been building Slab Outdoors, but I pour everything back into the business at this point.

Despite my current circumstances, Lessonly was intentional and honest with me. They assured me my situation didn’t put me at a disadvantage and explained that a core value of theirs was to “make time for life.” I was shocked by the way they approached this situation and trusted the skills I’ve focused on building the past five years of my life. The conversation was never one-sided, and they constantly assured that I go forward in a healthy manner.

Throughout my life, I look for people that are willing to take a chance on me. This has occurred with individuals in relationships, individuals while starting Slab Outdoor, collegiate baseball teams, & now Lessonly. Pay close attention to the individuals that believe in you!

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