• Tyler Jones

Never Too High & Never Too Low

A month ago, I was at the beginning of the longest sales lull I had seen since starting Slab Outdoors. I was down & scrambled to find a way to make it work. During this time, I revised the website to be more visually informational and assure each website viewer was aware of every product we offer. Fast forward a month, the past seven days have been nonstop, and we had over 300 website viewers yesterday. This broke the record of 213 that I wrote about on Black Friday!

The point is, everything flipped in the matter of 20-30 days and I sort of touched on this sales lull when writing “Lean Into the Dip.”

The bigger lesson here is that we go through life expecting to reach the highest of highs at some point. A final destination is dreamt of in our minds. Donald Miller, Author & Founder of Story Brand, explains that life is actually a winding road of small hills & shallow valleys. Small ups and downs. I believe this scares some people because it makes life seem far more “boring” but it’s quite the opposite. Never too high & never too low is a thought process I’m chasing tirelessly as I transition to the next phase of my life.

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