• Tyler Jones

"Life is the Relationships We Have & Build"

Lately, I’ve been wondering why I take life so seriously? In addition, why does everyone else take life so seriously? I understand that this year has brought more sadness, frustration, and stress but I think most people forget that life is tragically short.

In April of 2020, I had a conversation with a best friend that changed my life. I asked him what he thought the point of life is and his answer was incredibly simple. “Life is the relationships we have and build.”

Not once did he mention career, accomplishments, social status, etc. The answer seemed way too simple, but we quickly began to think aloud about what we’d be without our relationships. If you had nobody else, would you have anything at all?

The laughter, love, and in-depth conversations are what make us feel truly alive. “Life is like the party you feel odd at but that you’re lucky enough to get invited to, so you may as well enjoy it.”


Special thanks to Noah Freemon for having that conversation with me earlier this year.

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