• Tyler Jones

“Just stick true to what your company is about and be a rad person!”

Part of my weekly routine with running SLAB is reaching out to brands that are relatively established and respected among outdoorsmen. Recently, I reached out to a brand that I truly admire and have been following for a few months. Their products are high-quality & the content they publish is incredible!

I asked, “Out of pure interest, how did you guys push sales in the very early days of Seager?”

The response I received was not a secret sales code or extravagant formula that they had figured out. Instead, all they said was, “Just stick true to what your company is about and be a rad person!”

First off, I thought this was about the coolest response ever and, it helped me reshape the way I view SLAB. Think about all the small businesses you support. A main reason we support these entities is the fact that we enjoy the people that run them! This founder was focused on being a good dude because he knew it would directly impact his business. The sales process isn’t always complex!

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