• Tyler Jones

"It's about do you understand?"

In Matthew McConaughey’s latest book, Greenlights, he shares the quote below. I won’t give you the back story because it’s my hope that you’ll experience the book. If I could place anything on a billboard right now, I’d urge everyone to listen to the audiobook as it’s my favorite book of all time.

“It’s not about who is right or wrong, but rather do you understand?”

McConaughey explains that this shook him to his core as an acquaintance scolded him for speaking his mind about who he thought was right in a debate. We are often wrapped up in attempting to be right and/or proving others wrong. I know I have been guilty of this. But now, I’m working to better understand people instead of label an opinion as right or wrong. I’d write more, but I think this is a topic that is meant to be thought about at a deeper level for each individual.

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