• Tyler Jones

Intentional & Honest

As I grow up, I look for common traits in the people that I surround myself with. What attracts me to a certain individual and why do I believe we connect? Lately, I’ve been focusing on those who are intentional and honest. These are two traits that I admire and have been attempting to put forward at a personal level.

These are traits that everyone may look at and say “of course these are important” but I’ve been surprised by how many individuals tell us what we want to hear. A good friend tells you that they like an idea of yours. A great friend challenges you with questions and points out flaws they see.

It’s hard to be intentional and completely honest all the time, which is why I appreciate those that practice it. Honest people often offend others, but that’s largely because they are saying what we don’t want to hear. If you have an idea or need something assessed, don’t ask the person that will give you a “Yep, looks good.”

Tim Stoddard, former World Series champ and our pitching coach at North Central College, once approached me after a bullpen and said “TJ, that was horrible.” He went on to explain what I needed to fix moving forward, but the point is that he wasn’t afraid to tell me how it was. It didn’t feel good to hear that, but I was oddly glad he did because I knew I could trust him to always tell me the truth. He was intentional in assisting me and he was brutally honest. Search for these people!

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