• Tyler Jones

I'm Failing to Write

Last month, I set out to write every single day. Although I write emails, thoughtful messages, & other forms of written word - I'm failing to write here each day. Currently, I'm spread thin and have little down time. When I do have a few minutes, I use it to absorb new information on real estate, e-commerce, sports, & planning a wedding (weakness for sure).

The point of writing was to do it consistently and allow time for a creative outlet. Although I haven't done this as much as I'd like, this period of my life (Work, MBA, Running Slab) will only add value to writing in the future. People will only read what you create if it adds value to their life & that is built through our experiences. I'll still continue to write, but I don't overlook the fact that I must experience a bit more before scaling this medium.

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