• Tyler Jones

Four Lessons from 2020

I've spent the past few weeks reflecting on 2020 and the lessons I learned during the year.

  1. The ability to adapt is one of the most valuable traits in life. When I was sent home from undergrad and forced to finish college from my childhood home, it was evident that I needed to improve personal adaptability. After realizing this, I sought out individuals that responded to change well and had more conversations with them.

  2. We are our relationships. Over quarantine, my best friend told me that he believed "the point of life, when it comes down to it, is really about who we spend our time with." 2020 forced me to treasure relationships and appreciate the valuable time spent with loved ones.

  3. Don't hand out your energy. We live in a world that is constantly fighting for our attention and working to cause a reaction. Our time & energy are two of our most valuable assets, so why spend time becoming riled up about things out of our control?

  4. Day by day is the best way to live. I've always been a planner and this has it's pros & cons. Sure, I plan for down the road (wedding, investments, etc.) but 2020 forced me to focus on the present. If we are overwhelmed by what's beyond today, how will we absorb the moment? Taking life day by day is a challenge for me and I attempt to have conversations with others that seem to do well in this regard.

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