• Tyler Jones

"Execution is What Separates People from One Another"

I had a long conversation with an individual the other day that had launched a business around the exact time as I had launch SLAB. We were sharing our recent obstacles and he assured me that moving forward, even in tough times, helps differentiate yourself. The quote above is how he kicked off our conversation on executing.

People have new ideas all the time but acting on an idea is incredibly difficult. I have a small memo book at my desk that is completely dedicated to new ideas, good and bad, but that doesn’t mean I act on all of them. Starting anything from scratch, succeed or fail, is something to be proud of and I think we often forget to think that way. Now, the individual I was talking to was determined to push his new venture forward, but he was able to appreciate the early steps of launching a company. Executing only “feels good” when things are going our way, but it’s always crucial.

I won’t name this individual, but I’ll drop the link to the company he is helping start below!

Nomad Grills –

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