• Tyler Jones

A Genuine Article Changes Everything

Last week, the News Gazette & Journal Republican ran an article about Slab Outdoors & provided information around our launch this past summer. I expected this story to run in the local newspaper, but I had no idea the wave of support it would bring.

I grew up in Monticello, IL, a small town with about 7,000 people. The community is quite close and, although I’m not living in the area, the support after this article ran has been incredible. This event has brought 1,000 website viewers to and they aren’t just random people. They are thoughtful individuals that are proud of their town, love the outdoors, & often support local. This is the perfect recipe for Slab, and I’m blown away by the impact one article can have.

Moving forward, I’m way less focused on paid advertising and much more focused on genuine copy that helps tell our story.

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