• Tyler Jones

2020 -> 2021

It’s easy to forget to reflect on everything we accomplish as humans, so I cut out some time today to list out 2020.

  • Proposed to Andrea (She said yes)

  • Set a wedding date (7.24.2021)

  • Found a home for Andrea & I to start our lives in

  • Had the opportunity to be a part of a 7-0 team at North Central College before Covid-19 caused the season to be cancelled.

  • Launched Slab Outdoors ( during the pandemic

  • Had the Slab 1.0 Cutting Board Invented

  • Added products to the line

  • Graduated from North Central College

  • Awarded Outstanding Major in Entrepreneurship

  • Started a position with Lessonly

  • Started the MBA program at North Central College

  • Started a personal blog (

  • Strengthened relationships with all my friends & fiancée

  • Spoke to an entrepreneurship class at North Central & was interviewed by various people

  • Invested more in the stock market

These are the moments that stuck out, but I made plenty of mistakes & had plenty of tough days. A few goals of mine in 2021 are to focus on life in more of a day-by-day mindset, become more approachable (people think I’m scary sometimes?), and become extremely efficient in relation to productivity.

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