Tyler Jones is currently a student-athlete and receiving his undergraduate degree in the entrepreneurship program at North Central College. Upon graduation from Monticello High School in 2016, he began writing essays and articles on the topics of motivation, inspiration, and self-fulfillment. Much of Tyler’s work has been published by Thrive Global on Medium, garnering thousands of views and a tremendous amount of positive feedback.

Tyler utilized 2018 to expand his network, build a motivational newsletter, pitch at The Changemaker Challenge in Naperville, and join the ENACTUS leadership team. Faculty at North Central College encouraged him to build an ePortfolio for future creative work and to connect with professionals in the entrepreneurship field, which led to the development of this website. 

As an aspiring entrepreneur, Tyler has become incredibly involved in various academic projects and new ventures. Information on what he's doing now can be found in the "PROJECTS" section and his latest writing pieces can be found in the "WRITING" section.